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Genuine Hick is an Oklahoma City based art rock band. Dallas-based musician George Geurin describes Genuine Hick’s music as “exquisite insanity” and “dark, disturbing and delicious.” Listeners will hear influences ranging from Sparklehorse, The Eels, and Yo La Tengo to The Pixies, Tom Waits, and The Ramones.
Formed by frontman John Noerdlinger in 2006, Genuine Hick has produced thirteen projects. Brad Benge also produced a separate album called Amalgam which interprets some of John’s tunes.  2016 saw two new Genuine Hick releases: the Scott Keeton-produced Stung and the Brian Eads-engineered and Ryan Jones-produced Depression Era Pictures. In 2019 Genuine Hick released the Scott Keeton produced Midwest Creeper and the Brian Eads produced Punking It Up With The Bird. Genuine Hick also released the raucous Chemical Birthday EP in the winter of 2015. In the Fall of 2014 the band released the haunting Lost Children in the Darkening Woods EP. In 2013, Genuine Hick released the subdued, Gregg Standridge-produced Rock Harbor EP and the mood-disordered, Scott Keeton-produced Quarterly Report of the American Meat Institute EP.
Scott’s work has been a constant throughout Genuine Hick’s evolution. He has produced 5 of Genuine Hick’s projects. In recent years, Gregg has been a key collaborator in conceiving new songs. Other essential musicians to Genuine Hick are James Keys, Victor Rook, Mike Myers, Rick Toops, Chuck Baker, Paige Harwell, Lacy “Changemonger” Saunders and Ryan Jones.
Ben Lindesmith produced a cool 2015 video for the song Please from the Rock Harbor EP, while Victor Rook made an outrageous video for Chemical Birthday’s opening track, Mrs. Brown.

Stung front cover